No autism assessment, but still help: BEER training

No autism assessment, but still help: BEER training

Your child has not (yet) been diagnosed with autism (ASD). And maybe you are not yet ready to have your child assessed for autism. But you do have concerns about his/her development. Fortunately, there is also help available in that situation: the BEER training.

What is the BEER training?

BEER staat voor: Blended E-health for children at Early Risk. Het is hulp in de vorm van een training voor ouders van jonge kinderen (12 tot ongeveer 36 maanden) bij wie de ontwikkeling anders verloopt dan verwacht. Bijvoorbeeld op het gebied van:

  • playing
  • interacting
  • communicating
  • showing flexible behaviour

BEER is a training for young children, when it is not quite clear exactly what the matter is. In other words: when no diagnosis is given.

Waarom hulp met de BEER-interventie?

The BEER training is designed to help children with developmental problems. Precisely also when it is not clear what is causing the problems. This way more children get the right help in time.

Sometimes a child has developmental problems, but the cause of the problems is not identified. In other words: there is no diagnosis made. There can be several reasons for this. Whatever the reason: in our current healthcare system, it is often difficult to get special care. Because you need a diagnosis for that.

As a parent, you may not yet be ready to have your child assessed. Diagnosing autism would, for instance, feel like a ‘stamp’. It may also be the case that your child shows characteristics of autism (ASD) , but not very clearly yet. The healthcare provider may then feel it is too early to have your child assessed. They will then wait and see how your child develops. Or your child gets help, but that help turns out not to be working (enough). This is often because the real problem has not been identified: autism (ASD).

With the BEER training, we hope to remove barriers and make care more accessible. That way, more children get the right help in time.

How the BEER training works: E-learning module and home visits

The training consists of an e-learning module combined with seven home visits. The home visits are conducted by a trained professional from community or primary healthcare. This professional works closely with a professional from the specialised mental healthcare (GGZ) / child and adolescent psychiatry.

More insight into the capabilities and limitations of your child

By taking the BEER training, you as a parent gain a better insight into the capabilities and limitations of your child. You get tips on how to encourage your child's development. The BEER-professional thinks along with you about which form of treatment or counselling could be helpful for your child.

More information

Would you like more information about the BEER training? You can send an email to: . Or visit a BEER-professional in your area.