kenmerken autisme jong kind

Call in additional help

You have discussed your initial concerns about your child with a primary healthcare provider. He/she may recommend enlisting additional help and may refer your child to specialist care. Together, you will consider what help is best suited to your child and family. The help is always specific to the child, to the developmental phase and to the family.  

The professional can, for example, refer your child to:

  • a speech therapist: if your child has language-speech problems or eating problems; for example with chewing or swallowing,
  • a physiotherapist: if your child has a developmental delay in the area of fine or gross motor skills;
  • a primary care child psychologist or a general practice assistant: if a short-term treatment course is likely to help sufficiently;
  • a dietician: if your child has eating problems, for example extremely selective for special food or if your child is over- or underweight.

Most primary healthcare is covered by the standard health insurance (note: sometimes only after paying the deductible).

There may be an observation in the group by a professional. This could be someone from the educational support service or another low threshold advisory body. For example, Integrale Vroeghulp or partnerships focused on appropriate care and education.

See also: Enlisting specialised help