behandelvormen autisme kind

Treatments focused on the development of your child

Naturally, a key part of the treatment of autism focuses on your child's development. There are various approaches to this in the Netherlands.

These are usually focused on encouraging normal development. In particular, they focus on sensitive areas for children with autism, namely: interaction, communication, play and flexibility.

Often, these are applied within parent-child treatments like: Casus Sam. Sometimes, a particular treatment is also applied within a school or at day treatment facilities.

Examples of treatments offered in the Netherlands that focus on your child's development:

  • Floorplay focuses on strengthening your child's engagement and focus on his/her environment.
  •  PRT (Pivotal Response Treatment) teaches your child to take initiative in interacting with another person (see also the list of certified PRT Trainers).
  • VIPP-AUTI focuses on the parents. You learn more about autism, but also about recognising traits of autism in your own child. During five home visits, film clips of interactions between you and your child are made and discussed.
  • ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) is a form of intensive behavioural therapy, primarily focused on behavioural changes;
  • Bij Contactgericht spelen en leren (or ‘contact-oriented playing and learning’) gives you tools to stimulate your child in different areas of development. For this, interaction forms the basis.
  • DTT is an intensive behavioural therapy that teaches your child to interact with others.
  • Jasper-training focuses on encouraging joint attention, play and emotion regulation in young children. This stimulates your child's language, communication and social development.
  • Theraplay is a playful form of treatment to strengthen the bond between you and your child;
  •  Movement therapy, such as PMT (psychomotor therapy) and music therapy, can also help encourage the development of your child with autism.

In overleg met een behandelaar kun je een keuze maken welke behandeling het beste aansluit bij je kind. De keuze voor een behandeling is uiteraard ook afhankelijk van de beschikbaarheid in je regio.