Does my child have autism?

You wonder if your child might have autism. And you want to know: How do you recognise autism in young children? Autisme Jonge Kind helps you answer this question.

Perhaps you yourself feel that there is something the matter with your child. Or maybe there are others who are concerned about your child's development. On this platform, you will find information that can help you determine whether those concerns are justified. And what you could do with those concerns.

On this part of the website, you will therefore find:

Quotes from parents

"From the moment he was born, I had the feeling: There is something the matter with my child".

“At day-care, they thought he often withdrew himself.”

  • An test for young children:
    The CoSoS (ESAT) questionnaire The questionnaire helps parents and professionals to recognise problems in the areas of interaction, communication, play and stimulus processing. The results of the test help assess whether support is needed.Note: this questionnaire is suitable for children aged between 12 and 48 months.