heeft mijn kind autisme

Identifying autism in my child

Your child may have autism (ASD). You have already discussed your initial concerns about your child's development with a primary healthcare provider (for example, the GP). This healthcare provider has indicated that it would be sensible to further figure out whether your child has a developmental disorder, such as autism. This figuring out is also referred to as diagnostics.

What is diagnostics?

Diagnostics can identify your child's stronger and weaker areas of development. You and your child have conversations and assessments are done. The goal is to ultimately create a treatment plan tailored to your child. Here you can read more about the evaluation of autism in your child through assessment (diagnostics)..

How does the autism assessment go?

When your child goes in for an assessment, it is nice to know what you and your child can expect in advance. What steps will be taken? And how long will the process take? Read more about the diagnostic process for autism here..

What good is the autism ‘label’ to my child?

If your child has been diagnosed with autism, it can help with getting appropriate help. At home and also at school. This can help your child in his/her development. So, it doesn’t have anything to do with 'giving a label'. Rather, it has everything to do with helping your child. Read more about how your child could benefit from an autism diagnosis here..