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What use is an autism 'label' to my child?

You may be wondering: how could my child (or we, as parents) benefit from an autism diagnosis? Won’t my child just get labelled? We believe that being diagnosed with autism can actually help your child.

If your child gets a diagnosis, you could apply for counselling and resources that can help your child in his/her development.

Your child’s autism diagnosis helps you as a parent

A (working) diagnosis of autism gives you as a parent an idea of what you can and should expect from your child. This helps you to, for example:

  • re-examine your relationship with your child.
  • review your parenting style.
  • adjust your expectations and demands.
  • learn to interact with your child in a different way.

In this way, your child may feel better understood. And as a result, he/she will probably behave better or feel more comfortable.

Your child’s autism diagnosis helps him/her to get help

If your child has been diagnosed with autism, it can help with getting appropriate help. At home and also at school. This can help your child in his/her development. So, it doesn’t have anything to do with 'giving a label'. Rather, it has everything to do with helping your child. Read more about what help and treatment options are available here..

A mother of a child with a diagnosis of ASD (from ‘werkgroep Lucertis’, 2016):
"Some parents see a diagnosis as a label, a condemnation. It naturally isn’t nice when your child gets 'labelled,' but you can also see it in a different light: because your child got a diagnosis, your child's problem now has a 'name.' And because of that, you are entitled to counselling at school and/or at home. This can help your child develop better, allowing him/her to function better in society later on. Also, a diagnosis gives you insight into why your child behaves and reacts the way he/she does, and helps you understand better how he/she sees the world."