VIPP-AUTI* (Video feedback Intervention to Promote Positive Parenting to Autism) is a program for families with young children (0 to 5 years) with (suspected) autism (ASD). You learn why your child behaves the way he/she does. And you will also learn which reaction you can give to positively influence your child. The process of VIPP-AUTI consists of five home visits.

During the home visits, videos are made of how you and your child react (to each other) in daily situations and play situations. You discuss these videos with the home counsellor. He/she will give you feedback on the videos. The goal is that you learn to better recognise your child's (often unusual) signals.

The program consists of five home visits over a period of three months. Each home visit focuses on an important characteristic of autism in young children. Your child's individual characteristics of autism are also addressed.

*VIPP-AUTI staat voor Video-feedback Intervention to promote Positive Parenting adapted to Autism.