andere problemen autisme

Treatment of other problems, besides autism

Many children with autism have problems in multiple areas of development. Treatment of those problems is often carried out by different professionals. It is important for each professional to know that your child has (characteristics of) autism. They can then take that into account. It is also important for the different healthcare providers treating your child to consult well with each other.

Examples of problems and corresponding treatments are:

  • Sensory processing problems can be identified and treated by an occupational therapist or physiotherapist that is specialised in sensory processing/integration.
  • Unusual or underdeveloped motor skills can be treated by a physiotherapist.
  • For language and speech problems, as well as eating problems , you can see a speech therapist. And there are also special treatments for eating problems in children with autism.
  • Behavioural problems (such as major flare-ups or temper tantrums, aggression, insolence and poor listening) can be influenced through parental counselling or educational home counselling (see also: help in parenting). For severe behavioural problems, a drug treatment may also be adopted under the supervision of a psychiatrist.
  • Developmental delays. Children who have developmental delays will need extra guidance in learning. They may benefit from education for children with great learning difficulties. For example, at a specialised daycare (KDC), a school for children with great learning difficulties (ZMLK) or at a special needs school.
  • Does your child have additional medical conditions such as epilepsy or certain syndromes? Then he/she will also remain in the treatment of a paediatrician.