PRT (Pivotal Response Treatment)

PRT (Pivotal Response Treatment)

PRT (Pivotal Response Treatment) is a treatment that encourages your child's social communication skills. Skills such as asking questions, making comments and knowing how to engage others in conversation.

From an early age, children naturally take many initiatives to interact with others. As a result, they playfully learn skills such as:

  • making eye contact
  • taking turns
  • using language
  • imitating
  • conversation skills
  • recognising emotions
  • social rules
  • and so on.

Some children, including children with autism, do not take that initiative, or not as frequently. As a result, they miss many natural learning moments that other children do experience.

Through PRT techniques, your child learns to take initiative in interacting with another person. The PRT techniques are easy to apply in the daily routine: it is a natural way of learning. The treatment focuses on your child’s interests. Fun is paramount in learning the skills.

PRT falls under Applied Behaviour analysis (ABA, or behavioural therapy) and is a scientifically proven therapy. The PRT treatment came over from America in 2005. Meanwhile, hundreds of healthcare providers in the Netherlands have been trained in PRT and many parents have been introduced to this method.

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